All events are optional, please don't try to attend them all! (But we recommend the kickoff.)

You can add these events to your calender using this link: ICS Format
(In Google Calendar, find "Other calendars," click +, choose "From URL", and copy-paste that link.)

Pre-Event Workshops

Beginners - Make Your First Game in Construct
Thursday, June 10 2021 @ 3:00pm your time
Beginners - Make a Minecraft Server Plugin
Thursday, June 10 2021 @ 4:30pm your time
Jun 11
Workshop — 10:00am your time
Developing for Linux in the Cloud on Windows with WSL, Terminal, and VSCode
Workshop — 11:00am your time
Learn to Make Shaders and Computer Graphics using OpenGL
Workshop — 1:00pm your time
Beginners - Intro to Git
Workshop — 2:00pm your time
Beginners - Intro to Python
Livestream — 4:00pm your time
Special — 4:15pm your time
Q&A With CodeDay Staff
Workshop — 4:30pm your time
Beginners - Make Your First Game in Construct
Workshop — 5:00pm your time
Beginners - Learn to code on your phone and create your own accessory with imagiLabs
Workshop — 6:00pm your time
Intro to the Digi-Key electronics kit
Workshop — 7:00pm your time
Beginners - Make Your First Game in Construct
Jun 12
Workshop — 5:00am your time
Beginners - Make Your First Game in Construct
Workshop — 8:00am your time
Intro to Pixel Art
Workshop — 9:00am your time
Build a Website with Custom Components using Chakra UI
Workshop — 10:00am your time
Intro to Machine Learning and Data Science
Workshop — 11:00am your time
FizzBuzz in CSS
Workshop — 1:00pm your time
Enhancing Programmer Art in Inkscape
Competition — 2:00pm your time
Gaming Tournament Brawlhalla 1v1 (FREE)
Workshop — 3:00pm your time
Make a Realtime Chat app with Rooms using Socket.IO
Activity — 3:30pm your time
Big Data Challenge
Activity — 5:00pm your time
Event — 7:45pm your time
Catch a breath - Guided Meditation with Jo Folk
Midnight Activity — 10:00pm your time
Wheel of Fun